Gifts for Christmas?

It all began with myrrh, gold and frankincense, the gifts of the so-called Three Kings to the newborn Messiah. After almost two thousand years,

It all began with myrrh, gold and frankincense, the gifts of the so-called Three Kings to the newborn messiah. After almost two thousand years, we celebrate this tradition by giving each other gifts at Christmas. It is an obligation. And it doesn't matter whether we give ourselves presents in the first person or in the third person through Father Christmas, Christmas or the Star.

Gifts generally fall into three categories. Well, we have gifts
for men, gifts for women and gifts for children. It is impossible to cover all three categories in one text, so let's focus on the first category. Especially since this blog is written from a sincere, male point of view.

Here it is:

A brief gift guide to the WYNN of 2021.

The example given above of the gifts of the three kings brings us the first
Tip: Three presents are better than one, because the chance of getting a gift increases threefold!

But what specifically to choose?

Let's start with what he doesn't choose:

Firstly, don't buy a guy a gift in a category where he is an expert. If he's a keen sportsman, runs, rides and jumps then the chance that some sports band that measures, a watch that shows or a sports bottle that holds is a good choice is almost zero. His research is certainly better than yours, he pays attention to aspects that don't occur to you and in the end you give him something that he reciprocates with a fake smile. Then he will hide it in a drawer. A waste of time.

Secondly, don't buy the book.
Possibly an audiobook, if the guest actually listens to them and you know they don't have it yet. Deep research required. People today are struggling to read, we are all becoming handicapped and dyslexic.

Thirdly, don't buy unnecessary and destructive things like gaming consoles, alcohol, office golf sets, perfumes, moronic coffee mugs, hundredth socks, candles, cheap pocket knives, gadgets for smoking weed etc. etc.

Choose something that your guy (or not your guy) actually needs, most likely he won't buy it himself because he doesn't know himself and doesn't have the time. Buy something that will be an investment. No, it's not Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency for obvious reasons. That something is a cosmetics kit for men. Of course, a set of cosmetics for men is not equal to a set of cosmetics for men, and sites dedicated to this topic will give you salaciously sponsored choices. Our number one choice for a gift is true™ men skin care cosmetics set.


Firstly because, with a high degree of certainty, your guy doesn't use any cosmetics, or he uses some of the first-rate crap from the shop shelf at eye level. This is not a cosmetic, but a cosmetic-like product. Don't believe it? Compare it! Read up on true™ men skin care compositionand you will find everything that men's skin could possibly need.

True™ Day Cream with UV filter SPF 15 protects the skin from the adverse effects of external conditions: wind, sun and pollution, as well as from the light of computer screens.

True™ Night Cream, Saturated with nutrients, it accelerates regeneration processes and moisturises strongly. And most importantly for men, the light texture of both expresses absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy layer!

Secondly, because the true™ men's cosmetics gift set is the best value for money you can get. Check out.

Thirdly, a men's true™ day & night gift set, eye cream and face wash gel for daily use is an investment that your husband, lover, fiancé, son, grandson and father will appreciate. Especially when, some time from now, someone or other will tell them how good they look "despite their age".

Simple skin care daily routine

Fourth, trust. True™ cosmetics are not just "some" other
cosmetics, but it is also the idea of honesty in presenting a product made in Poland and transparency regarding its composition and operation.

And there are many satisfied users of the Polish true™ men skin care brand.

The brand was awarded double gold in the largest Polish industry competition - the "Debut of the Year" award and the "Golden Pearl of the Cosmetics Market" award. The famous actor Maciej Zakościelny also believed in true™, becoming the brand's ambassador and shareholder.

Fifthly, you can buy this gift set easily and pleasantly in the specially prepared cosmetics sets for men true™ on our website or Topestetic, Notino (And in the Polish Beauty Nature Bar or in beauty parlours. But only the good ones.

List of beauty salons where you can purchase this men's gift set:

  • Nice Spa Warsaw
  • Hair Point Warsaw
  • Anclara Clinic Warsaw
  • Safe Cosmetics Warsaw
  • La Vie Warszawa (online shop)
  • Kalina Clinic Warsaw
  • Styling salon - Żyrardów
  • Sanobello Izabelin
  • The Esthetic Group
  • Benessere Beauty&Spa Kielce
  • Cosmeo Lomza
  • Kbeauty Karolina Gliwinska Mrozy
  • Cosmetic Cabinet of Magdalena Nowik Warsaw
  • ProNature Clinic Minsk Mazowiecki
  • Beata Wątorowska Beauty Salon Brodnica

Yes, the true™ gift set is definitely the perfect Christmas present for your guy.

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Yes, are we thick-skinned?

A man's skin is 25% thicker than a woman's. However, this does not mean that it does not require protection from external factors....

Is men's skin ageing later?

True! Men start to age later, but their wrinkles are definitely deeper and more visible than women's.


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