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Are the cosmetics true
are natural?

The formulas of our cosmetics are not exclusively organic or natural. Our mission is to create ultra effective cosmetics using high quality ingredients. Of course, the overwhelming majority of ingredients are natural, but we are not afraid of mixing them with ingredients discovered by high-tech biotechnology. We use the terms “natural” and “ecological” with caution and attention, because they are often used in cosmetic marketing just to draw the consumer’s attention. There is even a special term for this practice: greenwashing. We opt for transparency and precisely describe every ingredient in our products.

Are true™ cosmetics
tested on animals?

Of course not. It is not allowed in the European Union. You may not know this, but in China, cosmetics have to (!) be tested on animals. Unless Chinese regulations are changed, we will not be interested in this market.

Can women use
true™ cosmetics?

Men’s skin is 1/4 thicker than women’s skin. Our cosmetics have a high concentration of active ingredients. Yes, women may like them. However, they should first apply the product on a small patch of skin to try it out.

Do true™ cosmetics contain parabens?

No, they do not contain parabens! Moreover, our products do not contain:

· mineral oils,
· paraffin oil,
· sulphates,
· SLS,
· DEA,
· alcohol

Can I try out true™ cosmetics before I decide to buy them?

Yes, and we are sure that you will love them! This is why you can order free samples which will be enough for about 5 days. You will only pay for the delivery.

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