Proposal for cooperation

Advertisement at the pool

We would like to present to you a proposal for cooperation between True and Ironman Poland brands and your sports facility. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our offer and completed projects.

brands in the pool

Our creations in the form of banners, stickers, cosmetics samples and animations on wall screens are already available at swimming pools in Warsaw.

This is how we present ourselves at swimming pools

We are present at:

Sports and Rehabilitation Centre WUM
2C Prince Trojden Street 

Water Park Warszawianka
4 Dominika Merliniego Street 

Sports and Rehabilitation Centre WUM
2C Prince Trojden Street 

Water Park Warszawianka
4 Dominika Merliniego Street 

Our proposal cooperation

If you see a link to cooperation, we offer you a monthly subscription of 1100 PLN / net month in which we will be able to present the brand true™ men skin care on banners available in your pool and through stickers on mirrors and/or lockers in changing rooms.

Preparation of banners (or/and files for display on screens), stickers and cosmetics samples will be our responsibility.

true™ to ...

"While preparing for a triathlon, I realised that skincare is as important as muscle recovery after training. The intense physical effort and hours spent in the pool, cycling and running had taken its toll on my skin - it was dry, my face looked tired and needed deep cleansing, regeneration and protection. I was therefore looking for effective products that were really designed for men's skin, especially when it is subjected to such intense physical exertion, UV rays, car exhaust etc. The trouble of finding suitable products motivated me to create my own cosmetics." - Maciej Adamaszek, creator of true™ men skin care

"IRONMAN participants boldly reach for their dreams, taking months and sometimes even years to prepare for the start. They are goal-conscious people. Thanks to that, also in everyday life they have high ambitions, aim high and expect the best products. To meet these expectations, premium brands become partners of IRONMAN Poland, and true™ men skin care, created by a triathlete for triathletes, is definitely one of them. We are therefore glad that we can provide our competitors with emotions at the highest level and at the same time help them in the aspect of advanced and professional skin protection." - MICHAŁ DRELICH, DIRECTOR OF IRONMAN POLAND


Maciej Adamaszek, creator of true™ men skin care and Michał Drelich, Director of IRONMAN POLAND

our brand

We owe our dynamic growth, among others, to press publishers, beauty salons and drugstores. Thanks to you true™ men skin care reaches a new level every day. Thank you.

We are the best on the market cosmetics market

We have Golden Pearl of the Cosmetics Market and a prize for Debut of the YearWe have created for you truly effective cosmetics based on the knowledge, achievements of biotechnology and science.

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with registered office in Warsaw,
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02-566 Warsaw, Poland
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