1. These Regulations („Regulations”) set out the terms and conditions of sale, via the online shop available at com by FerrumLabs S.A.
      with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Puławska 12/3, 02-566 Warsaw, PolandNIP
      : PL521393009, KRS: 0000902960, e-mail address: [email protected] – hereinafter referred to as the „Company”.
    2. These Terms and Conditions shall form an integral part of the Sales Agreement concluded between the Company and the Buyer.
    3. Orders for the online shop can be placed via com
    4. These Regulations set out:
      1. the type and scope of services provided by the online shop located at the internet address com, hereinafter referred to as the „Service” or the „Online Shop”;
      2. terms and conditions for the provision of electronic services by the Website;
      3. complaint procedure;
      4. terms and conditions of concluding and terminating a sales contract for products offered by the Website.
    5. The Terms and Conditions are made available on the Website in a way that makes it possible to obtain, reproduce and preserve their content by printing or saving them on a carrier at any time.

    The terms used in the regulations shall mean:

    1. Online Shop – The Company’s online shop, operating at and com,
    2. Seller, Service Provider, Administrator – the Company;
    3. Working days – days from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays falling on those days;
    4. Supplier – Polish Post or courier company contracted by the Seller to deliver the ordered Goods to the Buyer, after the Buyer has placed the Order;
    5. Buyer – any natural or legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, being a party to the Sales Agreement;
    6. Consumer – a natural person purchasing the Goods in the scope not directly connected with his/her economic or professional activity;
    7. Goods – all products offered for sale by the Seller on the com website,
    8. Form – an order form filled in by the Buyer and sent to the Seller in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions;
    9. Basket – an element of the Internet Shop’s software enabling the Buyer to select Goods;
    10. Contract of Sale – a contract for the sale of Goods entered into between the Company and the Buyer in accordance with these Conditions;
    11. Order – an order placed by the Buyer to the Seller by sending a Form;
    12. Civil Code – the Act of 23 April 1964 Civil Code (i.e. 9 February 2017, Journal of Laws 2017, item 459);
    13. Personal Data Protection Act – Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data;
    14. Code of Civil Procedure – the Act of 17 November 1964 of the Code of Civil Procedure;
    15. Law on Consumer Rights- Law of 30 May 2014.
    16. RODO- Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)
    1. On the basis of the Regulations, the Company, as part of the com Internet Shop, provides the Buyers with services enabling them to purchase Goods.
    2. The Administrator of the Website provides services electronically, within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on providing services electronically in accordance with the Code of Good Practice referred to in Article 2(5) of the Act of 23 August 2007 on counteracting unfair market practices (Journal of Laws 2007 no. 171 item 1206; as amended).
    3. By means of the Website, the Administrator provides electronic services consisting of
    4. enabling Customers to place Orders and conclude Sales Agreements, under the terms and conditions specified in these Terms and Conditions;
    5. receiving the Newsletter containing marketing information, in particular commercial information about the services of the Administrator and the cooperating entities,
    6. receiving marketing information from the Administrator, in particular commercial information about the Administrator’s services and those of the cooperating entities.
    7. Before concluding a Sales Agreement, the Buyer selects the Goods available at the com Online Shop by adding them to the Cart, fills in the Form, accepts the Regulations and the Privacy Policy and decides on the method of payment for the Goods added to the Cart. Then, the Seller sends, via an email message sent to the email address indicated by the Buyer, the information listed in Article 12(1) of the Consumer Rights Act .
    8. A Sales Agreement is concluded by the Seller’s confirmation of acceptance of the Order, sent by the Buyer in the form of a completed Form.
    9. Confirmation of the Order by the Seller takes place electronically, no later than within 2 (two) working days from registration of the Order. Forms sent on Saturdays and public holidays are registered by the Seller for confirmation on the first working day following these days.
    10. After confirmation of the Order, the Seller shall be obliged to send by post to the Buyer a letter containing all the information specified in Article 12 (1) of the Act on Consumer Rights. The letter is delivered to the Buyer no later than on the day of delivery of the ordered Goods.
    11. The Seller may refuse to confirm an Order if it has doubts, justified by the content of the Order, as to the correctness of filling in or accuracy of data contained in the Form.
    12. The Order is placed after the Customer has performed the following actions jointly:
    13. completion of the Order Form; and
    14. clicking on the Website page after completing the Order Form in the field „Order with obligation to pay. ORDER”.
    15. The Order Form requires the Customer to indicate the following Customer details:
    16. E-mail correspondence address;
    17. Name;
    18. Names;
    19. Address (street, building number, apartment number, town, postal code, country);
    20. Telephone;
    21. the Seller’s instructions to issue a VAT invoice;
    22. If the Customer submits an instruction for the Seller to issue a VAT invoice, it is additionally required to indicate by the Customer:
    23. Company names;
    24. NIP;
    25. PESEL number, in the case of a sole proprietorship;
    26. Business address (street, building number, premises number, town, postal code, country).
    27. In addition, the Order Form requires the indication of data concerning the Sales Agreement:
    28. The name of the product, which is done by adding the product to the basket;
    29. Quantities of individual Products;
    30. The method of delivery of the Products;
    31. Method of payment.
    • 4 PRICE
    1. The parties are bound by the price displayed in the Form at the time of the Order placement by the Buyer.
    2. The prices of the Goods offered on com website are given in gross Polish zloty.
    3. The prices of the Goods offered on com, do not include the cost of delivery. Delivery costs depend on the method of delivery of the Product, on the value and size of the Order and are given when the Customer chooses the method of delivery of the Product.
    4. The total cost of the Order (price of the Products including delivery costs) is indicated in the shopping basket before the Customer places the Order
    1. The purchaser can choose the form of payment from the following:
    2. by transfer to the account indicated in §1 item 1 of the Regulations, in the transfer title the Ordering Party indicates the number of the Order.
    3. Electronic and credit card payments via PayU.pl;
    4. Payment is made when the Order is placed.
    5. A VAT invoice or a fiscal receipt shall constitute a proof of sale. A VAT invoice or a fiscal receipt with the Customer’s NIP number indicated shall be issued at the Buyer’s request.
    6. The Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order (i.e. withdraw from the contract) in the case of payment by bank transfer, when, within 10 (ten) days from confirmation by the Seller of acceptance of the Order, no payment for the ordered Goods is credited to the Seller’s account. The Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer about cancellation of the Order by e-mail to the address provided while placing the Order.
    • 6 DELIVERY
    1. Delivery of the Goods is executed in the territory of Poland and outside the territory of Poland, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Supplier’s services. The delivery time is, depending on the delivery area, from 2 (two) to 20 (twenty) working days starting from confirmation of the Order, unless the circumstances, referred to in § 5.4 of the Terms and Conditions, arise. The average time of delivery of the Goods in Poland is 2 working days and in the case of shipping an Order to one of the EU countries – 4 working days.
    2. The Goods shall be delivered to the Buyer to the place indicated in the Form.
    3. The cost of delivery of the Goods shall be borne by the Buyer in the amount communicated to the Buyer when placing the Order.
    4. In the event when the Seller is not able to fulfill the obligation referred to in § 6.1 of the Regulations, he shall inform the Buyer about this fact, indicating the circumstances that prevent execution of delivery of the Goods at the indicated date and, if possible, inform about a new date of delivery of the Goods.
    5. Upon collection of the consignment from the Supplier, the Buyer is obliged to check the content of the consignment and, in case of any incompleteness or mechanical damage, to draw up a damage protocol in the presence of a representative of the Supplier in two identical copies, signed by both persons, one of which he leaves with himself and the other he hands over to a representative of the Supplier in order to hand it over to the Seller. Drawing up a report in accordance with the above provisions is a necessary condition for the Buyer to pursue claims.
    6. In the event of delay in taking delivery of the Goods by the Buyer, the cost of redelivery of the Goods shall be borne by the Buyer.
    7. In matters not regulated in the Terms and Conditions regarding delivery, the Supplier’s terms and conditions of service shall be applicable.

    If the Seller cannot fulfill the performance for the Buyer, due to unavailability of the Goods, he shall be obliged to notify the Buyer thereof immediately (no later, however, than within 30 days from the date of conclusion of the Sales Agreement) and return to him the Price received for the sale of the Goods in full amount, together with the costs of shipment, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.

    1. In the event of physical or legal defects in the Goods, the Buyer may lodge a complaint.
    2. The Buyer may demand bringing the Goods into conformity with the Sales Agreement by repair or replacement with a new one free of charge in the case of defects of the Goods if these defects existed at the time when danger passed to the Buyer or if they resulted from the cause existing in the sold thing at the same time. If the Seller has not managed to satisfy those demands in due time, or if repair or replacement would be impossible or require excessive costs, and also if the replacement would cause considerable inconvenience to the Buyer, he has the right to demand an appropriate reduction in the price or – if the defect is not insignificant – withdraw from the Sales Agreement.
    3. Complaints concerning the purchased Goods shall be reported by mail to the address of the Seller. The complaint shall be accompanied by the Goods complained about and a proof of sale.
    4. The Buyer shall be notified of the acceptance or the reasons for rejecting the complaint within 14 days of receiving the request referred to in §8.3.
    5. The cost of delivery of the Goods complained of to the Seller up to the amount equivalent to the cost of postal economy mail shall be reimbursed to the Buyer immediately after positive resolution of the complaint.
    1. A consumer who has entered into a remote contract may withdraw from it without providing a reason, by making a relevant statement in writing, within 14 days from the date of delivery of the Goods. The deadline shall be deemed to be met if the declaration is sent before its expiry.
    2. If the consumer has chosen a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of delivery offered by the trader, the trader shall not be obliged to reimburse the consumer for any additional costs borne by him.
    3. The consumer shall be liable for any diminution in the value of the item resulting from the use of the item beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the item
    4. The declaration of withdrawal concerning the purchased Goods shall be submitted by mail to the Seller’s address. The declaration of withdrawal shall be accompanied by a proof of purchase.
    5. The consumer shall be obliged to return the Goods to the Seller or transfer them to a person authorised by the Seller to collect them immediately, but no later than 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the agreement, unless the trader proposed to collect the Goods himself. Sending back the Goods before the deadline shall be sufficient to meet the deadline.
    6. In the case of withdrawal from the contract by the Consumer, the Seller is obliged to certify in writing the return of performance.
    1. The personal data provided by the Client in the process of registration or order placement are processed by FerrumLabs sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, address: ul. Domaniewska 47 lok 408, 02-672 Warsaw, KRS: 0000792154, NIP: 5213869486, REGON: 383711939, e-mail address: [email protected], which is the administrator of the personal data.
    2. A necessary element of placing an order is the provision of the Customer’s personal data, marked as obligatory, and the Customer’s consent to the processing of his/her personal data provided during registration. Providing personal data marked as obligatory is voluntary, however, it is necessary in order to register and place an order, as well as to execute and service it. Providing personal data not marked as obligatory is voluntary.
    3. In the event that the Customer has agreed to a service provided electronically, the object of which is to provide newsletters free of charge, the electronic mail address (e-mail address) obtained is added to an e-mailing list and is used for marketing purposes to send the Customer commercial information electronically in the form of a Newsletter.
    4. Consent for the processing of personal data is given by the Customer by ticking the appropriate box on the form.
    5. Collected personal data is not shared with third parties, with the exception of transferring the data to the entity participating in the execution of the order in order to deliver the ordered goods to the Customer, i.e. in particular: DHL, InPost, Alt Master, Online Media Planners . The scope of the data provided is limited to the necessary minimum.
    6. The Customer has the right to access the content of his personal data and to correct it. To do so, he should contact FerrumLabs sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, at the address: ul. Domaniewska 47 lok 408, 02-672 Warsaw, e-mail address: [email protected].
    7. The Customer has the right to obtain information on whether and to what extent his/her personal data are processed, as well as information on the purpose and scope of processing his/her personal data. To this end, he should contact FerrumLabs sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, in the manner indicated in item 6 above.
    8. FerrumLabs sp. z o.o., as the controller of personal data, may entrust another entity, by means of a contract concluded in writing, with the processing of personal data.
    9. The Administrator uses cookies, i.e. small text and number files that are saved by the ICT system in the User’s ICT system (on a computer, phone or other device of the User from which the connection with the Website was made) during browsing the Website and enable later identification of the User in the case of a repeated connection with the Website from the device (e.g. computer, phone) on which they were saved.
    10. Cookies collect data concerning the use of the Website by the User, and their main purpose is to make it easier for the User to use the Website, adjust Website pages to the needs and expectations of a given User (personalisation of Website pages), study User traffic within the Website.
    11. Cookies are used on the Website with the User’s consent. Consent may be given by the User through appropriate settings of the software, in particular of the Internet browser installed in the telecommunications device used by the User to browse the content of the Website.
    12. The User of the Website may at any time restrict or disable cookies in his/her browser by setting it in such a way that it blocks cookies or warns the User against storing a cookie file on the device he/she uses to browse the Website. In such a case, however, it may happen that use of the Website will be less efficient, the User will not be able to access some of the content and, in extreme cases, proper display of the Website pages may be completely blocked.
    13. Detailed provisions concerning personal data protection and privacy policy are contained in the Privacy Policy (constituting Appendix 1 to these Terms and Conditions), which is available on the Internet Shop’s website under the „Privacy Policy” tab at https://truemenskincare.com/polityka-prywatnosci/.
    1. These Terms and Conditions in their current version are available on the pages of the Online Shop, at: https://truemenskincare.com/regulamin/.
    2. The Administrator is obliged to immediately inform the Customers about any changes to the Regulations by publishing them in the form of a consolidated text of the Regulations on the website of the Internet Shop.
    3. With regard to Clients whose e-mail address is known to the Administrator, the Administrator will notify the Client of the change in the Regulations by sending an e-mail. The e-mail notification shall be limited to indication of the web address, on which the new version of the Terms and Conditions is available.
    4. The date of publication of the amended provisions of the Regulations shall constitute the date of their entry into force, with the proviso that the amended provisions of the Regulations shall apply to agreements concluded between the Service Recipient and the Administrator prior to the date of entry into force of the amendments, provided that the Service Recipient does not terminate the agreement within 14 days from the date of notification by the Administrator of the amendment to the Regulations.
    5. The Administrator collects and processes the personal data provided by the Service Recipients in accordance with applicable law, these Regulations and the Privacy Policy.
    6. The regulations are valid as of 01.12.2020.


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