Caring for your skin after training is as important as stretching your muscles - explains Dr. Edyta Engländer Dermatologist and true™ men skin care expert

Sport can both benefit the condition of the skin and lead to skin problems. Maciej Adamaszek, the creator of the True™ men skin care cosmetics brand and a multiple Ironman competitor, talks to dermatologist Edyta Engländer about male skin care.

I have been physically active for almost my entire life - now in my fifties, I feel that I not only feel but also look younger than my peers who have been reluctant to play sport. How does exercise affect skin condition and ageing?
Exercise stimulates blood circulation, thanks to which oxygen and nutrients are more efficiently transported to cells, which improves their oxygenation and functioning. Sport has a certain purifying effect - toxins and excess free radicals are also removed from the body along with sweat and sebum, and the skin can retain its youthful appearance for longer. However, intensive exercise often leads not only to injuries and trauma, but also affects the condition of the skin.

During my three-year preparation for the full Ironman distance, I experienced the negative effects of the sport on my own skin. In fact, its notorious dryness and irritation led me to take an interest in the world of male grooming and create true™. Why does skin sometimes react badly to physical activity?
During sport, the glands dilate and secrete sweat and sebum, and enlarged pores are the perfect environment for blackheads and acne. If you train too hard, cortisol levels may increase. High levels of this hormone have a negative effect on the skin - it reduces the amount of collagen and weakens the hydro-lipid coat responsible for its protection. As a result, the skin loses hydration and is susceptible to damage - people who regularly swim in swimming pools with chlorinated water also complain about similar symptoms. If we add to this training in various weather conditions, it turns out that proper skin care is just as important as body regeneration after exercise.

So how do you properly prepare your skin for outdoor activities?
It is essential to use a sunscreen regardless of the season. People who practice outdoor sports are particularly exposed to the sun's rays, which dry out the skin, accelerate the ageing process and lead to discolouration. Therefore, it is good if the cosmetic has not only SPF, but also skin care and moisturising ingredients. Opt for a cream with a light, fast-absorbing formula that does not leave a greasy film on the skin - this will certainly improve comfort during exercise.


Maciej Adamaszek, IRONMAN and creator of true™ men skin care

True™ men skin care is an official partner of IRONMAN Poland! In the photo, Maciej Adamaszek, the creator of true™ together with Michal Drelich, the director of IRONMAN Poland.

Cream running off while cycling is not pleasant - it causes pinching of the eyes and skin, and dust or dirt sticks to the face even more. That is why, when creating cream formulas and testing them on myself, I paid special attention to this aspect. After a workout, one only dreams of washing off all that dirt...

Bathing is the first thing you should do after exercising - removing sweat and dirt from your face minimises the risk of inflammation. As post-workout skin is often hot and red, it's best to choose a gentle cleanser with soothing panthenol or niacinamide. Gels with microparticles will remove impurities but will not irritate. Finish off by washing your face with a cold shower, which tightens the pores a little.

After training and bathing comes the time for rest and regeneration of the body. How can we support these processes for the skin on our face?
It is best to bet on a multifunctional cream, which not only deeply moisturises the epidermis, but also regenerates it. Cosmetics with active substances, such as matrixyl and hyaluronic acid, accelerate repair processes in the upper layers of the skin and provide adequate hydration. Men are particularly sensitive to stickiness after product application, so, as with sunscreens, quick-absorbing products are ideal. A good finishing touch is an eye cream - the skin in this area is extremely thin and delicate, so it is worth giving it extra support.

Edyta Engländer

A recipe for healthy and radiant facial skin?


After training

The skin after training is heated and reddened, so soothing and moisturising true™ face wash is perfect for this situation. Removing sweat and dirt from the face is essential for effective skincare. Tip: Want to tighten your pores? Washing your face finish with cold water.


Then regenerate

true™ regenerating cream Expressly stimulates the epidermis to effective regeneration. It contains, among others, Matrixyl 3000, a peptide complex with a strong rejuvenating effect, which activates the production of natural collagen and elastin. Tip: Don't rub it in,
Pour the cream in. As the massage stimulates circulation, the ingredients will reach even deeper.


Protect every day


There are many benefits to using sunscreen (no matter the season!). It is a MUST-HAVE for outdoor sports people exposed to the sun, which dries out the skin and accelerates the ageing process, as well as causing discolouration. True™ day is a cream of light, quickly absorbed formula. It does not leave a greasy film on the skin - which significantly improves comfort during exercise.



Finish in style

The 4-step true™ Ritual is completed with the application of an under-eye cream - the skin in this area is extremely thin and delicate, so it is worth giving it extra support. Advanced serum am | pm Eye contour treatment reduces dark circles and puffiness, deeply moisturises and firms the skin, and thus visibly reduces mimic wrinkles.

true™ face wash + true™ regenerating cream

Throw the cosmetic bag in your workout bag or clip it to your backpack with the carabiner. Use regularly after every workout to keep your face in top shape.

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True™ men skin care is a brand awarded the Golden Pearl of the Cosmetics Market!

We have Golden Pearl of the Cosmetics Market and a prize for Debut of the Yearcreating for you truly effective cosmetics based on knowledge, achievements of biotechnology and science.


We have Golden Pearl of the Cosmetics Market and a prize for Debut of the Yearcreating for you truly effective cosmetics based on knowledge, achievements of biotechnology and science.


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We have Golden Pearl of the Cosmetics Market and a prize for Debut of the YearWe have created for you truly effective cosmetics based on the knowledge, achievements of biotechnology and science.

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