How to care for men's facial skin in winter - male facial care.

How to care for a man's facial skin in winter Winter is a special time of year. Probably all walking, swimming, flying and crawling creatures give winter a special treatment.

How to care for men's facial skin in winter

Winter is a special time of year. Probably all walking, swimming, flying and crawling creatures treat winter in a special way. Because winter can be a real pain. And us humans too. For some, preparing for winter means simply replacing tyres with frost-resistant rubber, and for others, it means replacing shoes with thicker soles. On top of that, we change our wardrobe to one which makes it easier for us to maintain a constant body temperature of thirty-six degrees (with a hook). A warm jacket is accompanied by a hat, scarf and gloves. We cover almost the entire body with an extra layer of thermal insulation. The one and only part of the body we leave on is the face. Therefore, we suggest how to take care of men's facial skin in winter.

And unfortunately, many of us don't understand that the face can get a beating in winter too. The longer we stay out in the wind and cold, the more we subject our face to winter, the more the next spring, summer and autumn will leave a mark on our face from this winter. 

Let us look at winter from the perspective of the face for a moment. To make it easier, let us make it a man's face. When we are indoors, in winter, when the heating is on, we dry out dramatically faster. The skin, which is made up largely of water, loses this water much more quickly, dries out, becomes unpleasant to the touch and visually much uglier. When we go outside, low temperatures and wind dry our skin even more and UV rays intensely age it. So is it worth taking care of our face, our skin?

male facial care

Men's facial care is an investment

Facial care is a bit like putting away money for your pension fund. Facial care for men It should be done successively throughout your life and at some point you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your patience. Daily face care (preferably combined with the whole body) is an investment with a sure and substantial rate of return. 

Of course, when we are young or relatively young, retirement and the state of our face are not priorities. But there comes (always) a time in our lives when the most representative part of our body starts to matter.

Even if you have super genes bro, destiny can't be cheated. That was the diagnosis. Now it is time for the prescription. It is simple and effective. Apply a men's sunscreen every day and a regenerating cream at night. If you are going outside, going for a long walk with the kids, apply again the men's sunscreen. If you go skiing, reapply sunscreen for men. If you are going to the gym or sauna, before you go face cream for men with sun protection. Why do we repeat it so many times? Because we have an observation that you are not reading with understanding. True™ Day Cream is all about hydration, and that's what your skin will be missing the most. Sure, you can still apply some kind of oiling lotion over a layer of spf sunscreen, but grease will not moisturize your skin. Moisturise, brother. Moisturise! 

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