Live at peace with yourself!
And be yourself!

The standards of masculinity are changing all the time. The world is evolving. What really defines us, men, amid constant changes in male identity? How can we find our true selves? We know that harsh does not go hand-in-hand with self-confidence. Dry does not make us tougher. Soft is not a sign of weakness. Also, being uncommon does not mean that we are imperfect. So is there any definition of the ideal man? And does there have to be one? Live at peace with yourself!

true men skincare krem dla mężczyzn

we are

In some sense, men are indeed thick-skinned. Our skin is 25% thicker than women’s skin and it does not require as many care treatments. However, it still needs to be looked after. Most importantly, it needs intensive hydration during the day and regeneration at night. Yes, a simple skin care routine helps slow down skin ageing and restore its vitality and a sense of comfort.

true story

….is a true story.

I was looking for effective products created with a view to cater to the needs of men’s skin. Troubles with finding the right ones inspired me to create my own products. Cosmetics that do not give customers some marketing guff and myths. Cosmetics that are easy to use, without a large number of products whose purpose we do not understand. Cosmetics that actually work. Cosmetics whose active ingredients are effective due to their high concentration. Cosmetics based on knowledge, the achievements of biotechnology and science. I formed a team of experts with a similar outlook on men’s needs. Together, we created an advanced line of cosmetics for men.

I called them true.

Maciej Adamaszek, creator of the true ™ brand