Watch out for greewashing!

Greenwashing in cosmetics means "eco-dampening" and is about misleading consumers looking for natural and organic products. Cosmetic companies want to increase their

In cosmetics, greenwashing consists in misleading consumers who look for natural and eco-friendly products. Cosmetic companies want to increase their profits from the sales of cosmetics, so they often advertise their products as “eco-friendly”, “bio” or “natural” and use various marketing gimmicks.

Are true™ cosmetics natural or eco-friendly?

Our mission is to create cosmetics for modern men by using high-quality ingredients that combine innovative scientific findings and plant ingredients.

The formulas of our cosmetics are not exclusively organic or natural, because they combine high-quality natural plant ingredients with synthetic ingredients, discovered by high-tech biotechnology.

We use the terms “natural” or “eco-friendly” with caution and attention because they are often used in cosmetic marketing just to draw the consumer’s attention. Many unfair manufacturers take advantage of it to sell their products, decorating them with pretty green leaves that are supposed to resemble popular marks granted by certifying institutions. When cosmetics are referred to as natural and eco-friendly, it should be related to the implementation of relevant practices, from the acquisition of active ingredients, to the production process, all the way through to packing.

Even though there are cosmetics whose ingredients are 100% natural, due to the lack of preservatives, their shelf life is short and they must be stored in the fridge. However, the majority of eco-friendly, natural and organic cosmetics contain over 90% natural ingredients (often up to 97%), whereas the remaining 3% are preservatives that prevent the growth of bacteria. In this way, they ensure microbiological safety, which allows us to use a given product for a few months after it is first opened.

Our products do not contain: · ingredients of animal origin, · mineral oils, · parabens, · paraffin oil, · sulphates, · SLS, · SLES, · DEA, · alcoho

Does true™ test its products on animals?

None of our products or their ingredients was tested on animals. true™ cosmetics for men do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.


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